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It is almost too easy to fall in love with Boston lofts. The wide open space can feel like a respite compared with the narrow, winding city streets and crowds. Lofts are so versatile, the creativity they encourage to arrange and decorate the space seems to feed into every other aspect of your life. Converted, industrial lofts hint at the cultural history of Boston and the rich inner lives of all the people who have passed through the space over the years. And, soft lofts have a charm of their own, too, with their warmth and light. It is no wonder so many Bostonians are on the hunt for lofts! For smart property owners, that means loft spaces are an excellent way to invest.

But, if you are going to invest in Boston lofts, you need the best, local real estate professionals on your side. This is a hot property type in a hot market. Set yourself up for the biggest payoff by using Boston Loft Apartments. Our database is unmatched in the area. It combines listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with the newest properties from a network of experienced, Boston real estate agents. These are some of the most hardworking, licensed agents in the city. They have specialized, local knowledge about the Boston real estate market. And, should you not find a property to your liking on our massive database, they can help. They have the grit and perseverance to dive into a fresh challenge and find you the loft property in Boston that meets your specific needs.

It can be a very smart decision to buy Boston lofts. Start your journey now! Explore our listings of Boston lofts for sale using the search bar below. Or, fill out our contact form to get in touch with an agent.

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Maybe you are not a buyer, but a renter who knows what you want. If what you want is a loft space in Boston, we have you covered. Say goodbye to the frustrating and time-consuming project of typical apartment hunting. You can find more Boston lofts for rent here than anywhere else in a fraction of the time, because we're powered by Boston Pads, the largest real time database of Boston apartments!

Our database of rentals is powered by a network of 16,000 local landlords that grows every month. It is orders of magnitude faster than going through small offices with limited listings, seeing two or three apartments in a day, and finding out when you are ready to apply that the rental you fell in love with is off the market. But you will not have that problem on Boston Loft Apartments. We have the manpower to keep our database updated seven days a week. With a bigger inventory, no duplicates or outdated listings, and more pictures and video tours than other sites, you can turbo-charge your apartment search.

Find Boston lofts for rent faster, and land in a rental that makes your friends jealous, by using Boston Loft Apartments! Use the search bar below to get started.



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Being a landlord in Boston is often an overwhelming job. In addition to keeping up with maintenance and making your tenants happy, you need to fill vacant units as quickly as possible to avoid losing out on money. That is why some 16,000 landlords in the Boston area list their apartments with us! Your Boston loft apartments – and other rentals – will be seen by more prospective tenants faster, with less work on your part, with the help of Boston Loft Apartments. Together with the rest of the sites in the Boston Pads network, we get more aggregate web traffic than any other local apartment listing platform. Plus, we syndicate listings to nearly every social media and national real estate platforms. With our help, you will get qualified tenants for your Boston loft apartments fast. Fill out the contact form below to find out more.

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Boston Loft Apartments is part of the Boston Pads professional network, a powerful force in the Boston real estate market. That is because we have developed a uniquely versatile and incredible suite of technologies designed to improve how you do business as a real estate agent. Contact us to see how you can benefit from:

  • Custom website building

    We build custom Content Management Systems (CMS) specifically designed to work for real estate offices, real estate agents, and landlords. We will take care of the setup for you. Then, you will get a website with great search engine optimization with superior syndication and a user-friendly interface to bring in more clients than you have ever seen.


  • Outstanding listing syndication and advertising solutions

    As an agent, you want to work with clients and close transactions, not manually list properties online. Free up more of your time and reach a wider audience than ever before with the help of Boston Pads. Our syndication software can blast your listings to any Boston Pads website or sites of your choice, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and major real estate listing sites like Hot Pads, Trulia, and Zillow. We feature the most desirable aspects of your properties to the audience that wants to see them. And with our syndication software, it all happens with the least amount of time and effort. You can spend less time posting ads and more time showing and closing deals. 


  • Management software for data-driven decision-making

    Every agency wants to make decisions about how they do business based on what is proven to work. But few agencies have the time to properly compile and manage all their data about every listing their agents are working on. Boston Pads can offer you software to do just that! Imagine how your office environment would change if you could see the data about all the work you do, in detailed, easy-to-read charts, on a program designed to scale up with your office as you grow. Your team can work together based on what they know works with the help of Boston Pads.

If you already like the way that you manage your data, you should still reach out! Get a local domain name to improve your search ratings. Super-charge your outreach with our syndication technologies. Or, strengthen your database by working with us. We helped build some of the most successful real estate offices in Boston by working together with agencies to enhance their operational work flow. Get in touch, and see how we can help you grow.

We deliver technologies that will change the way you do business.  Incredible growth is well within your reach. Fill out the contact form below to see what Boston Pads technologies can do for you!


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